Skylanders Imaginators Will Offer 3D Printing Of Custom Characters

Immortalize your custom character creations in Skylanders Imaginators.

Publisher Activision has announced it is teaming up with 3D printing company Shapeways to bring a unique sort of service to its upcoming game Skylanders Imaginators: the ability for players to purchase physical memorabilia which display their customized Imaginators characters.

One of the big new features being introduced in Skylanders Imaginators is the ability to create and customize unique Skylanders characters. Players can customize the individual body parts of a character (head, body, arms, legs, tail, etc.) as well as the color of each body part, the character’s voice, combat style, and even their catch-phrase. This can be done both in-game and via the free Skylanders Creator mobile app, which is set to launch on the same day as Skylanders Imaginators (October 16).

Skylanders Imaginators

Once a player has created their character, they can then order different forms of merchandise which will feature their customized character. Options include a $15 Imaginator card, a $25 wearable t-shirt, and a $50 3D-printed figure. Activision says that the 3D printing services will only be offered in a limited run, so fans who want to immortalize their customized characters in physical form should place their orders sooner rather than later.

Sadly, even though both Skylanders Imaginators and the Skylanders Creator app will be released in several different territories including New Zealand, Australia, North America, and Europe, the 3D printing services will only be available in North America and Europe at launch, though that could change later on. Activision couldn’t comment on just how many 3D printings will be supported during the limited run, but it did say that the limited nature of the service is due to the fact that the process of manufacturing each custom figure is more complex than simply printing it out and sticking it on a base.

Source: Polygon

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