Destiny Iron Banner Guide

Everything you need to know about the new Iron Banner from Destiny: Rise of Iron.

Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion is all about the Iron Lords, so it is only fitting the Iron Banner is completely overhauled. While Lord Saladin is busy dealing with the SIVA threat, Lady Efrideet will oversee the revamped Iron Banner. Rise of Iron’s version of Iron Banner has been simplified, with easier to collect weapons, armor and Bounties.  Use our guide to complete the weekly bounties, earn new gear, and rank up fast in the Iron Banner!

Iron Banner Mode: Control

Iron Banner is switching gears back into the beloved Control mode for this week-long event. Take the time to scratch-up on your Control playstyle, which is vastly different from Clash or Supremacy. Play as a team and try to hold two points!

Rise of Iron’s version of the popular PvP mode has significant changes that will simplify your Iron Banner experience. First of all, you can leave your Goldspiral and Million Million shaders in the Vault, because Iron Banner no longer rewards bonus progress for wearing Banner items. To make up for this, wins will grant 250 reputation and medallions will be worth 150 once they are redeemed through victory. The Tempered Buff, which multiplied Iron Banner reputation as the week went on, is gone. Players were complaining that the Buff forced you to play at the end of the week, so Bungie removed it. One multiplying mechanic is still in place, however, as the multiple character buff is unchanged.

Rank 3 and Rank 5 packages have been removed, though the In Pursuit of Light quest will grant you similar rewards at those same ranks. The biggest change to Iron Banner this time around is the Bounty system. There are now four weekly Bounties and no daily Bounties, which fits in with Bungie’s "play whenever you want" theme.

In Pursuit of Light Quest

Rise of Iron features an all new quest for the Iron Banner: In Pursuit of Light. You can start this quest by speaking with Lord Saladin in the Iron Temple, where he will task you with finding Lady Efrideet. You will need to start this quest before playing Iron Banner.

Step 1: Find The New Iron Banner Vendor

Thankfully, Lady Efrideet is a couple hundred feet away and has a glowing waypoint over her head, so she shouldn’t be too hard to find! She is located on the other side of the bridge and to the left.

Step 2: An Oath Fulfilled

This step might be easier than the first one. An Oath Fulfilled requires you to reach Rank 1 in the Iron Banner, so start playing. You will be granted some experience and Iron Banner Reputation for your troubles.

Step 3: Reach Rank 3

Return to Efrideet for the next step in the quest, which will require Iron Banner Rank 3 to complete.

Step 4: Return to Efrideet

Head back to the Iron Temple for Lady Efrideet to give you the final step in the In Pursuit of Light quest.

Step 5: Reach Rank 5

Although Bungie removed Rank 3 and Rank 5 packages (detailed below), this quest serves as a different coat of paint on that system. Rest assured, Lady Efrideet will give you an Iron Banner item at Ranks 3 and 5.

Iron Banner Weekly Bounties

The new Iron Banner features four weekly Bounties with great rewards. Each one will give you 5000 experience, 750 Iron Banner standing, 25 legendary marks, and a piece of new Iron Banner Gear not sold by Lady Efrideet. The Iron Banner Bounties have been simplified so that anyone can complete these with relative ease.

Iron Marathon

The Iron Marathon Bounty requires you to earn 100 points in the Iron Banner. A win will count as 10 points, while a completed match counts as 5. The Iron Marathon Bounty will reward you with an Iron Banner Weapon upon completion.

Iron Light

The Iron Light Bounty will have you using your abilities for kills. A kill with a super is worth 5 points, a melee is 3 points, and a grenade is 2 points. After 100 points, you will find yourself with a shiny new piece of Iron Banner armor!

Iron Arsenal

The opposite of Iron Light, the Iron Arsenal Bounty will have you using your weapons in the Iron Banner. This Bounty requires 100 points, with primaries counting as 1 point, specials as 2 points, and heavies as 5 points. The Iron Arsenal Bounty will reward you with (you guessed it!) an Iron Banner weapon.

Iron Support

Simply playing Iron Banner for a long period of time will result in the completion of the weekly Bounties, and Iron Support is the perfect example of this. This Bounty requires Assisted Kills, Avenger Kills, and Allies Defended, worth 1, 3, and, 5 points respectively. The best way to accomplish this is to hang out near groups of teammates, which should be no problem in the close-quartered Supremacy game mode.

Iron Banner Post Match Drops

Unlike previous Iron Banners, your level will not decide what drops you can get after a match. Everything that is being sold by Efrideet can drop as a post-match reward at any point, in addition to Artifacts. Hitting Rank 5 will unlock a Ghost for purchase from Efrideet, though they can drop post-match at any point as well. 

Year One and Taken King Iron Banner armor pieces will drop post-match at Rise of Iron light levels. The drop rates for this Iron Banner are incredibly high, so you should be able to level up in no time at all.

Iron Banner Vendor Weapons

Lady Efrideet has some intriguing weapons and armor for purchase for only 50 legendary marks, but are they worth it?

The Clever Dragon

The Clever Dragon, Iron Banner's Vendor Weapon
The Clever Dragon, Iron Banner's Vendor Weapon

The Clever Dragon Lady Efrideet has on hand is an amazing roll, you should certainly pick this up. With Braced Frame/Snapshot/Counter Balance, The Clever Dragon has a near God Roll already. While getting drops in the Iron Banner, look for a Clever Dragon with High Caliber and something that extends range.

The Silvered Dread

The Silvered Dread, Iron Banner's Vendor Weapon
The Silvered Dread, Iron Banner's Vendor Weapon

Machine Guns in Destiny do not have a nice spot in the PvP meta currently, though this Silvered Dread is very nice for PvE. With a stability perk in the first column, Speed Reload in the second and Army of One in the third, this Silvered Dread is an Ads killing machine.

Iron Banner Vendor Armor

Instead of seeing everything all at once, Lady Efrideet will only show you the armor that your specific class can wear. In addition, you will have multiple rolls of each armor item to choose from. For the Tier 12 builds, every piece of armor carried by Lady Efrideet is 96% perfect or higher! 

Iron Banner Hunter Armor

Chest Piece and Boots

Iron Banner Warlock Armor

Chest Piece and Boots

Iron Banner Titan Armor

Chest Piece and Boots

How to Rank Up Fast in Iron Banner

Ranking up fast is trickier than in Banners of old, as a lot of mechanics have been removed from play. The short answer is, win. Winning your banner matches is now the most reliable way to rank up quickly, so get a fireteam together and work as a team. Close-quarter loadouts are best for Supremacy, so level up that shotgun and leave your sniper in orbit.

Jump in and start playing whenever you want. With the simpler mechanics and favorable drop rates, this should be one of the best Iron Banners to date!

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