Bethesda Games on PS4 Will Get Mods, But At A Price

Modding won’t be as expansive as it is on other platforms.

It wasn’t too long ago that the promised modding capabilities for Fallout 4 on PlayStation 4 seemed dead in the water. Now, it looks like Bethesda and Sony have finally managed to crack the PlayStation 4 modding egg, though not without one hard-to-ignore caveat.

It was recently confirmed via an update on the official Bethesda website that modding will be coming to the PlayStation 4 versions of both Fallout 4 and the upcoming Skyrim Special Edition. PlayStation 4 users will get their first taste of console-supported modding in Skyrim Special Edition when it launches later this month on October 28th, and modding for Fallout 4 will arrive at a later date that has yet to be confirmed. 

However, as Bethesda notes in its post, modding on the PlayStation 4 will be noticeably different than on Xbox One and PC:

“You will not be able to upload external assets with your PlayStation 4 mods, but you will be able to use any assets that come with the game, as most mods do.”

In layman’s terms, this means that if a mod uses any custom-built external assets (sound files, textures, models), it won’t be supported on PlayStation 4. Furthermore, modders who create their own mods on PlayStation 4 will only be able to use the assets which are already in the games themselves. Granted there’s still a lot for modders to work with even without bringing in external assets, but if you’ve come to enjoy things like inserting Lord of the Rings weapons into Skyrim or Buzz Lightyear-themed power armor into Fallout 4, you’ll sadly be out of luck as far as the PlayStation 4 is concerned.

Personally, I’ve never really been a heavy mod user (I’m always paranoid that a mod will somehow break my game and/or corrupt my save file), but I still feel for modders who won’t be able to fully stretch their creative wings when working on the PlayStation 4.

Nate Hohl

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