More Heroes And Maps Are On The Way For Overwatch

Blizzard says other additions are in the pipeline as well.

In a new developer update video for Overwatch, game director Jeff Kaplan reveals some of the new content additions the development team is currently working on.

Perhaps the most exciting thing that Kaplan discusses in the video are the two new Overwatch heroes Blizzard has in the works. According to Kaplan, one of the new heroes should be ready for public release “sooner rather than later,” while the other probably won’t be released until sometime in early 2017.

In addition, two new maps for pre-existing game modes are getting the finishing touches courtesy of Blizzard, and four separate maps are on the way for an as-yet-revealed new game mode. The four new game mode maps are currently in the early stages of testing, and Kaplan warns in the video that not all of the maps could see the light of day due to the rigorous testing methods the maps are put through. If a map doesn’t feel right for a certain group of heroes or even a single specific hero, it usually gets scrapped.

More imminent additions include a major revamp for the hero Symmetra which is expected to go live sometime in November and the ability to set up custom fixed camera points in Spectator Mode. Lastly, Kaplan says that the development team is always working on new hero emotes and voice lines, though he couldn’t say when the next batch will be ready for primetime.

Stay tuned for more Overwatch news in the near future, including what exactly the new heroes, maps, and game modes might be. Personally, I’m hoping for more melee-centric characters in the vein of Reinhardt or Genji, as well as a dedicated co-op vs. AI mode that’s more robust than the AI bot matches already available. As one of the best games of the year, I’m not saying that Overwatch needs a survival/horde mode, but I certainly wouldn’t object to it getting one.  

Nate Hohl

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