Mass Effect: Andromeda's Release Date Might Have Been Leaked

Did Amazon accidentally spoil BioWare’s surprise?

Despite the nearness of its intended release window (early 2017), BioWare has been keeping a large majority of the details regarding Mass Effect: Andromeda a secret, with one such detail being the game’s specific release date. BioWare originally intended to share Andromeda’s release date during this year’s “N7 Day” (November 7th) celebrations, but a recent Amazon listing for an upcoming Andromeda art book might have tipped BioWare’s hand ahead of schedule.

As you can see in the below image of this Amazon listing for Dark Horse’s upcoming Art of Mass Effect: Andromeda art book, a blurb in the art book’s description claims that the book will be released on the same day as the game. Since the book is listed as being set to launch on March 21st, 2017, it would appear that is also the day on which Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released.

Publisher Electronic Arts has previously stated that Mass Effect: Andromeda would be released sometime during the company’s fourth fiscal quarter for 2016 which runs from January to March of 2017, matching up nicely with the date Amazon unintentionally leaked. We’ve reached out to both Electronic Arts and BioWare to see if they’ll officially comment on the matter, but chances are good that fans will have to wait until this year’s N7 Day to see if Amazon’s release date is accurate.

Nate Hohl

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