Destiny Fireteam Completes Wrath of the Machine Raid in 23 Minutes

It takes us 23 minutes to get our gear sorted at the Tower before we can load into the Raid.

Last night, my six-man team decided to tackle the Wrath of the Machine Raid in Destiny. I can’t tell you exactly how long a complete run took us, but I’d guess it was in the two-hour range. We got hung up at the Siege Engine and Aksis, Archon Prime, but otherwise managed to get through without much trouble. I suppose we did spend a bit of time tracking down the Raid’s four Dormant SIVA Clusters, but that couldn’t have held us up more than 10 minutes. We were feeling pretty good about ourselves, and then I decided to open r/DestinyTheGame. Big mistake, and not for the same reason that opening Reddit is usually a bad idea.

The video above shows an Xbox One player by the name of Gladd running the Raid with five other people. They ignore Dormant SIVA Clusters, hidden loot chests, and even enemies that aren’t blocking their forward progression. They melt every boss that stands in their way, decline the ride after they repair the Siege Engine, and walk through the Server Farm like it’s their living room. It’s very impressive.

Just watching this video has given me some ideas that I think my group can benefit from, and I’d be willing to bet that goes for every average (or even above-average) team out there. Give it a watch and you’ll most likely find that your next run of Wrath of the Machine is much better than your last, even if speed isn’t your ultimate goal.

Bill Lavoy

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