How to Unlock Torchwood and Hover-Goat 3000 in PvZ: Garden Warfare 2

Reach the rainbow chests to unlock two new playable characters.

The Trials of Gnomus DLC has been full of new features and gnomish surprises, including two brand new character classes that were recently discovered by the community: the Torchwood, and the Hover-Goat 3000. This guide will explain how to unlock these two playable characters in Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 by completing specific tasks throughout the Trials of Gnomus content. 

These characters are only available from two locked chests that are hidden away in the Gnomiverse. You’ll need quite a lot of Rainbow Stars to unlock these chests, so be sure to save them up during each Mystery Portal event.  Fill up on Gold Stars as well, because they can be converted into Rainbow Stars when the Town Hall is open. 

Complete the Four Trials of Eternity

If you have been exploring the Trials of Gnomus content in PvZ: Garden Warfare 2, then you’re probably aware of the four Trials of Eternity found in the underground Gnomiverse. To access the Gnomiverse, you’ll first need to obtain the key from the seagull inside the Town Hall. Use the key to unlock the door in the sewer, across from the Gnome Chamber. 

To complete the four trials, you must first earn the corresponding Trial Keys to unlock each one. Trial Keys are obtained by opening the red chest in the Town Hall using Rainbow Stars. You can only do this when a Mystery Portal event is happening, so be sure to check the Garden Warfare 2 event schedule to access the chest and earn Rainbow Stars while the Town Hall is open. 

Each trial consists of a timed challenge that you must complete in order to eventually unlock the new characters.  At the end of each trial, you will earn a unique code sequence that you can use to fight one of the four colored Guardians. Head over to our guide on how to solve the Trials of Gnomus lever puzzle and follow the steps to defeat each gnome Guardian. Hang onto the code sequences that you receive at the end of each trial, because you’re going to need them for later. Check out the video above for an explanation of how to complete the final puzzle and reach the rainbow star chests after completing all four gnome trials. 

Take Note of Your Code Sequences

Match your original code to fill in the missing symbols

For every gnome Guardian you defeat, a portal will unlock in the main gazebo on the top level of the Gnomiverse. These portals lead to chests that contain special reward items for your efforts. Above each chest, you’ll see another code sequence like the one you receive at the end of each trial, only this time the code is incomplete. Take a screenshot or write down this code sequence with the missing symbols. 

Hopefully you also took note of all of your original code sequences from the trials as well, because this is where you need them again. Compare your original code with the same color sequence that contains the missing symbols. Fill in each missing symbol, making sure to note the position of each symbol as well. 

Input the New Code Sequence

Input the new code you've got from the missing symbols

Once you have filled in all eight missing symbols, combine them into a full code sequence, and be sure to maintain the correct position for each one. You should now have a new code sequence that you can input into the underground lever puzzle in the Gnomiverse. Every player has a different code sequence, and you will need to complete the four trials yourself in order to determine what your unique final code is.

Drop down to the lever puzzle and step on the corresponding floor buttons to input the code into the blank sequence on the wall, inputting the symbols from top to bottom. When you are finished, pull the lever. If you input the correct code sequence based on your trial codes, a new boss event will activate. 

Defeat the Rainbow Guardian

The Rainbow Guardian gnome will emerge from the center circle once you pull the lever with the correct code sequence. Defeat the Rainbow Guardian without dying to complete the boss battle. If you need help, don’t forget that you can construct plant pots and bots around the room for some added support. 

Unlock the Rainbow Star Chests

Each character chest costs 75 Rainbow Stars

Upon defeating the Rainbow Guardian, a new portal will unlock at the throne in the center of the gazebo, similar to the previous trials. Enter the portal to discover two locked chests at the far side of the room. 

These chests contain two brand new playable characters, one for the plants and one for the zombies. At a cost of 15 Rainbow Stars for each of the five padlocks, these chests require 75 Rainbow Stars total to unlock. Since your profile can only hold 50 Rainbow Stars at a time, you’ll can unlock up to three locks on the first attempt, and then return later with more stars to open the remaining locks.

The plant chest contains the new Torchwood character, while the zombie chest rewards the Hover-Goat 3000 character. These are both playable characters, and so far, there are no other variants for these classes. Head over to our overview for Torchwood and Hover-Goat 3000 to learn about each character and determine which one you want to unlock first!

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