Destiny Players Constantly Push The Limits With Amazing Feats

More often than not, a Destiny Raid is broken down and mastered within a week

Destiny’s Raids are one of the hardest pieces of PvE content available to players, so it sometimes comes as a surprise to hear of the incredible feats some players are able to achieve. There’s a whole community of individuals dedicated to dismantling each segment of every Raid in an attempt to cut down on the amount of players necessary. What would usually require six players quickly boils down to three, then two, and eventually a single player tackling content. It’s a struggle that requires optimized mob, mechanic, and damage management, a task a lot of people in the community have come to respect.

For a long time, games were simply consumed as a form of entertainment, but this is quickly changing. While a lot of players still only enjoy games at base value, there are those who seek to push the boundaries of what can be accomplished in a game by doing such things as speedruns or even what we see here in Destiny.

In the most recent addition to incredible Destiny feats of skill, teamwork, and dedication, a team of players have managed to defeat Aksis, the final boss in Destiny’s new Wrath of the Machin Raid, in a single damage phase.

Aksis - One Damage Phase Kill

What would usually take three to four complete rotations took instead a single cycle. This feat, while neither bending nor pushing boundaries, simply relied on clever uses of Supers, high levels of damage, and excellent communication.

Part of the appeal of Destiny is that, in a way, it’s a sandbox game that allows users to tackle an encounter in whatever way they please. In the Raids, these encounters are heavily scripted with set mechanics that must be adhered to. However, these mechanics can be skipped, ignored completely, or even accomplished by fewer and fewer players as time goes on.

2-Man Siege Engine

The Siege Engine fight in the Wrath of the Machine Raid is an area where a lot of players originally hit a wall and stopped. However, in a miraculous performance, two Destiny players, sc Slayerage and EPICOOKIEZ, manages to complete the Siege Engine with just the two of them.

All manner of shortcuts were used to achieve this, from careful swapping out of the engine parts, to using Supers to push one another along. The simple idea of using a Super to nudge another player across a small distance is such an obvious idea that it could very well have never been thought of, but when used in this part of the Raid it makes what would otherwise be impossible, possible.

It's small improvements like this that add together to create a picture of what it could look like for someone to solo a certain section of the Raid. Half the battle is generating ideas or looking within the mechanics to think of ways in which a single person can accomplish a six-person task. It’s a meta-puzzle that exists in each Raid.

Solo Oryx

There is a sense of enjoyment that comes from receiving what the developers designed and intended for their game and seeing whether these guidelines can be pushed, redirected, and even sometimes completely broken.

An aspect of this is evident in a video released by YouTuber, The Great Gatsby, where he managed to solo the entire Oryx fight in the King’s Fall Raid. The mechanics of this fight, usually requiring players to stand on pillars and collect a buff, were twisted in such a way that Gatsby was able to completely ignore them and come away with a solo victory.

For a lot of players, the time and energy needed to figure these things out isn’t worth it, but they still see the value in the performance. These incredible feats are in dedication to a common hobby and should be seen as a form of respect. Players who do these things do them because they thoroughly enjoy the content Bungie has created to the point where they want to understand mechanics to such a minute detail. I’m constantly blown away by what the Destiny community can achieve, and each new piece of content brings out the best performances and creations from the playerbase. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Sam Chandler

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