Players Say Gears of War 4's Matchmaking Needs Work

Finding a full match is like finding a unicorn.

Gears of War 4 has officially launched to the public, which means any Xbox One/PC player can now experience the latest chapter in the Humans vs. Locust war. However, a large portion of players have reported that matchmaking for the game’s online multiplayer isn’t working so well. In fact, it’s barely working at all.

As users have reported in a massive thread posted to the Gears of War forums, Gears of War 4’s matchmaking has been sluggish for many, and doesn’t work at all for others. Some users claim they have to wait anywhere from five to ten minutes just to find a match.

Not only that, but when they’re eventually placed into a lobby, players are forced to either continue waiting for the lobby to fill up, or stuck enduring lopsided matches where the team with less players is almost always guaranteed to lose.

The Coalition acknowledged the issue via Twitter yesterday, saying that the rollout of title updates and server-side patches to the live game client is what’s causing the glacially slow matchmaking. While this indicates a temporary issue, as of today Gears of War 4’s matchmaking remains problematic.

We’ve reached out to both Microsoft and The Coalition to see if there’s an updated status on the matter. In the meantime, if you were hoping to get your Gears fix in today, you may be better of sticking with the campaign for now.

Nate Hohl

Nate Hohl got his start in the video games journalism industry shortly after graduating college and since then he has come to find enjoyment in critiquing various forms of media (games, movies, books, etc.) and seeing how they affect our ever-developing idea of culture. If you'd like to contact him, you can do so via his email address,, or his admittedly oft-neglected Twitter account @NateHohl.

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