Overwatch Halloween Event Is Now Live

The event includes new cosmetic items and a co-op brawl.

To celebrate the spookiest month of the year, Blizzard has brought a little Halloween cheer to Overwatch courtesy of a limited time in-game event.

Taking a similar approach to the previous Summer Games event, Overwatch’s Halloween event consists of two major parts. The first is a new batch of special Halloween-themed cosmetic items such as character skins, victory poses, intro animations, sprays, and profile icons. Unlike the Summer Games event which forced players to find new items in loot boxes, the Halloween event allows players to craft new cosmetics using in-game gold, rectifying a common issue players had with how the Summer Games event doled out new cosmetic items.

Players can see some of the new character skins in action courtesy of the event’s “Junkenstein’s Revenge” brawl; the first official co-op vs. AI game mode for Overwatch. In Junkenstein’s Revenge, four players must defend the fortified front door of a castle from Professor Junkenstein and his minions.

The Overwatch Halloween event is now live!

In addition to taking on shambling “Zomnics” (zombified versions of Overwatch’s robotic race of Omnics), players must also defeat special Halloween-themed versions of established Overwatch characters such as Junkenstein’s Monster (a Frankenstein-themed version of Roadhog), The Reaper (a Headless Horseman version of Reaper), The Witch (Mercy in a stylish Witch outfit), and Professor Junkenstein himself (a mad scientist-themed alternate take on Junkrat).

The new Halloween cosmetic items can be found in special Halloween Loot Boxes which are earned by leveling up or purchasable via microtransactions. The Halloween event and its associated additions are set to stick around until November 1st, and we hope that Junkenstein’s Revenge serves as a precursor to a more permanent co-op vs. AI mode in Overwatch.

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