Should Destiny 2 Be On PC?

Would it be good for the series and good for the community?

In a recent NeoGAF post that made the rounds on the internet, a user has made claims that Destiny 2 is set to release on PC, as well as console. This piece of sensitive, and potentially false, information has created a lot of buzz around the future of Destiny and what it means for gamers.

For businesses, it’s important to get your content to as many people as possible and any way you limit that is going to affect the amount of revenue you receive. Bungie launched Destiny back in 2014 on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. As of Rise of Iron in 2016, the number of consoles that can play any new Destiny content has fallen to two, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Now, if these rumors are to be believed, Destiny looks to be making its way to PC with its sequel. Obviously, this is good for Activision’s top dollar, but what does it mean for the community and what are some of the positives or negatives of Destiny 2 coming to PC? Let’s dive into some of the points.

To Hack or Not To Hack?

Hackers. Modders. Other unspeakable words you call them in the privacy of your own home. These degenerates of society are able to turn even the kindest of souls into a screeching Harpy. PC communities seem to be rife with hackers, in all forms of games, from the strictest of Valve games to the dullest of clicker-games. Fortunately for console players, the reality of hackers might as well not be a concern with players rarely even witnessing a console hack on YouTube, let alone first-hand. Opening up Destiny 2 to the PC market could inevitably result in a lot of people’s enjoyment being soured.

Gorgons' Labyrinth
Gorgons' Labyrinth

However, there are those modders that use their powers for good instead of evil. These are the sort of modders that create custom maps, new skins and missions. They seek to spice up the game wherever their skills can be applied. Sometimes these data sleuths are able to read the code of the game to discover secrets. Now this is the double-edged sword that can giveth and taketh away. One of Destiny’s niche communities enjoys nothing more than theorizing about secrets within the Raids. They can be found, most appropriately, over on the RaidSecrets subreddit where a subset of the playerbase passionately discusses all manner of ideas. A PC player with the technical know-how to access and understand the code might be able to reveal the existence or lack thereof of certain secrets within Destiny. For some, this would be a sweet relief from the interminable not-knowing, whereas for others this would destroy the very meaning behind searching for secrets

1v1 Me Bro

Come at me

Online communities are toxic by nature, but one advantage of console play is that not everyone has access to a headset or keyboard at their fingertips. Spend ten minutes in League of Legends, DotA, Overwatch or any other online game and you’ll quickly encounter some of the vilest creatures this world has birthed. Rude players exist on console, but by having a keyboard readily available, PC gamers can hurl abuse at an alarming speed.

To counter that, PC gamers can be some of the more pleasant and passionate players out there, often spending an inordinate amount of time assisting communities and creating all forms of content for others to consume. Increasing a community's number of users would mean more creative players coming into the fold to help entertain others and lift the entire community.

I’ve Got Something You Don’t Have

Sony Exclusives Everywhere, Except Other Consoles
Sony Exclusives Everywhere, Except Other Consoles

For the past three years, Xbox One players have been continually shafted with the exclusive deals in play with Sony. Players pay the same amount of money, but instead of receiving the same amount of content, the Xbox One versions are lighter by several in-game activities and weapons. The exclusive deals aren’t just cosmetic nonsense like different armor or weapon skins, but involve real levels, missions, and weapons. Add to this mix an additional third platform and instead of one unsatisfied group of users, you have two, further widening the chasm between the players. Sony has held Bungie’s leash taut when it comes to Destiny, with Xbox gamers having to wait even longer for content PS4 users have been able to play for almost two years. How do you think the PC community would react to that? Probably with as much righteous indignation as the Xbox players. Inviting PC to come play while these exclusivity deals still function is like inviting your friend into the slower-moving line at the theme park.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an Xbox player, PlayStation player, or a PC player, in the end, everyone should be able to play Destiny. The game, no matter the grind and the lull between content, is an excellent experience with tight gunplay and some of the best team-oriented activities in gaming to date. No one should miss out. What do you think about Destiny 2 coming to PC, are you excited about the idea? Let us know in the comments!

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