Dishonored 2 Dev Diary Shows The Game's Memorable Missions

Dust storms, time travel, and taxidermy will help the game’s missions stand out.

With a little less than a month left before Arkane Studios’ highly anticipated sequel Dishonored 2 is unleashed upon the world, Arkane wants to draw attention to the many memorable scenarios players will find themselves in, which is exactly what it does courtesy of its latest developer diary video.

In the video, members of the Dishonored 2 development team discuss how the game approaches player-driven choice and how the emphasis they wanted to put on it shines through in the game’s many memorable missions. Naturally, players have several different options when it comes to approaching levels in general such as pure stealth, predatory assassinations, or full-on kick-in-the-door combat. However, that’s just the start of what will hopefully make Dishonored 2’s various missions stand out to players.

Each mission’s unique environment will play into how the player approaches it from both an aesthetic and gameplay standpoint. For instance, the “Dust District” tasks the player with infiltrating an area which is beset by strong dust storms that impair both the player’s and enemy's’ vision. The previously detailed “Clockwork Mansion” missions has the player exploring what is basically a giant rubik’s cube-like structure, and the “Crack in the Slab” missions involves exploring a house and using a device to shift between two different periods in time which are three years apart, with actions and events from one time period affecting the other.

In short, Arkane is hoping to recapture the magic which made the “Lady Boyle’s Last Party” mission from the first Dishonored game so memorable, and if what is shown in the developer diary video is any indication, it’s on the right track.

Dishonored 2 will launch on November 11th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Nate Hohl

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