Interview: For Honor's Jason VandenBerghe

For Honor will have both large-scale battles and one-versus-one duels.

During our recent trip to PAX West 2016, we got to chat with Jason VandenBerghe, the creative director behind Ubisoft’s upcoming medieval brawler For Honor. VandenBerghe’s Viking-esque appearance was rather appropriate given the fact that Vikings are one of the three playable factions players can fight for within the fiction of For Honor.

We noted that the excitement which VandenBerghe expressed over finally getting to see members of the public delve into For Honor for the first time may indicate that Ubisoft has something special on its hands.

In case you’re not up-to-date on what exactly For Honor is, it’s essentially an alternate history game in which three of the most iconic military factions from human history including Norse Vikings, Medieval Knights, and Japanese Samurai. These factions are engaged in a seemingly never-ending three-way war.

Players can take control of 12 different characters (four for each faction), and battle with each faction’s unique weaponry, armor, and fighting style. There will be an in-depth story campaign for each faction as well as various multiplayer modes which allow players to see how well they manage when fighting each other.

As VandenBerghe mentions in the above video, there will be unlockable items which allow players to customize their characters both visually and practically, but one of the key tenets which the design team tried to focus on was making all 12 characters feel balanced in their own ways.

This means that, while larger, characters that are heavily armored may seem like they have an inherent advantage over smaller, lightly armored opponents. However, there will be various different methods players can employ to lead lighter characters to triumph over their heavily armored adversaries.

For Honor is set to be released on February 14, 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.   

Nate Hohl

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