It's the end of the Worlds for NA

As Cloud9 go down to Samsung Galaxy.

It's all over for North America at the League of Legends World Championship after Cloud9 lost 3-0 to Samsung Galaxy in a one-sided quarterfinal at The Chicago Theatre.

Cloud9 went into the game as underdogs, having barely scraped their way out of groups, but it was Samsung Galaxy's class that decided the matchup more than anything.

The first game set the tone as Samsung top-laner CuVee dominated C9's Impact, who had looked so impressive during the NA LCS team's gauntlet run to Worlds, while Sneaky and Smoothie were crushed in bot lane, failing to register a kill and giving up over half their team's deaths. Samsung won the game in under 28 minutes as Cloud9 failed to take a tower.

Cloud9 put up more of a fight in the second game, keeping things tight and taking the odd dragon until 25 minutes, but then it fell apart. CuVee flanked them outside Baron pit with a teleport and dropped Kennen's Slicing Maelstrom on several opponents, allowing Crown to clean up with Orianna's ultimate. Baron followed and Samsung closed the game out.

That left Cloud9 looking for an unlikely reverse-sweep, but in truth nobody in the Chicago Theatre expected to hear Silver Scrapes, even after Meteos got the crowd excited by locking in Zac for the team's make-or-break game. Samsung showed no mercy, absorbing some early pressure before assembling a solid lead that let them ease the last NA team out of their home tournament with less than half the month gone.

Samsung Galaxy will now go on to face the winner of H2K vs. Albus NoX Luna, which takes place Sunday. The other quarterfinals are SK Telecom T1 vs. Royal Never Give Up and ROX Tigers vs. EDward Gaming.

Tom Bramwell

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