Gears of War 4's Hitching Issue Has Been Fixed

Xbox One players should now have a smoother experience.

Developer The Coalition has released a new update for the Xbox One version of Gears of War 4 which corrects the rampant “hitching” issue that has affected a large portion of the game’s online multiplayer community.

Ever since Gears of War 4 launched, a vast majority of players noticed that the game would often stutter and “hitch” for several seconds both during the beginning of a match and even in the middle of a match if they wound up playing for long periods of time. According to the official Gears of War 4 Known Issues page, players had to employ a rather odd workaround to correct the issue which involved booting up four other games (letting them load to the point where the player could get past their opening menu screen), before booting up Gears of War 4. Some users also reported that completely uninstalling and reinstalling the game fixed the issue as well, but that obviously wasn’t a quick and easy fix for most.

Now, the Coalition has put up a new post on the Gears of War forums saying that it has released a title update that should permanently fix the hitching issue. The update is only available for the Xbox One version of Gears of War 4 as the hitching issue didn’t affect the game’s PC version.

Of course, with one problem now fixed, The Coalition still has a lot on its plate including the ongoing issues plaguing the game’s online matchmaking. The Coalition has acknowledged those issues and promised they are continuing to work hard to fix them.

Nate Hohl

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