Hearthstone's Newest Tavern Brawl Lets You Wager In-Game Gold

Time to put your money where your mouth is.

Hearthstone’s weekly Tavern Brawl feature allows developer Blizzard to try out new concepts and experiment in ways that would likely prove to be controversial were they implemented into the core game. Case and point, this week’s upcoming “Heroic Brawl” which lets players put their in-game currency on the line for a chance to earn some pretty epic rewards.

Unlike previous Tavern Brawls, the Heroic Brawl will only last from this upcoming Wednesday, October 19th to Monday, October 24th. While the Heroic Brawl is live, players can enter by ponying up either 1,000 in-game gold or $10 worth of real-life cash. Once entered, players will construct a deck of cards using their collection as usual, but once their Heroic Brawl deck has been finalized, it’s locked in for good and cannot be altered.

Players will then be matched up against other Heroic Brawl participants and if they can manage to secure 12 victories in total, they’ll be rewarded with a cache of in-game treasures including 50 card packs, three different golden legendary cards, and a whole heap of gold and Arcane Dust. However, much like in Hearthstone’s Arena mode, if a player loses three times in Heroic Brawl, they’re out for good and must repay the entry fee if they want to compete again. Also, to prevent experienced players from abusing the rewards system, players will only be able to complete a limited number of full 12-victory Heroic Brawl runs.

For more on Hearthstone’s Heroic Brawl, be sure to read this new post on the Hearthstone website and watch the above video in which game designers Pat Nagle and Dan Emmons discuss what inspired them to try out the Heroic Brawl concept.

Nate Hohl

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