Mafia 3 All Repent Magazine Locations

We show you where to find all five Repent Magazines in Mafia 3.

There are a ton of collectible items in Mafia 3, from Playboy Magazines to Album Covers, and collecting each one is no easy task. For this guide, we will explain where to find every Repent Magazine issue in Mafia 3. Considering there are only five issues of this magazine total, it should be relatively easy to check these collectibles off your list. 

Mafia 3 Repent Magazine Locations

The Repent Magazines are found in various districts throughout New Bordeaux. We will provide a brief description of where to find each Repent Magazine, along with two images: one of the map location for the magazine, and the other of the in-game view of the magazine itself. These collectible items will be indicated by a crucifix icon on your display when they are within your vicinity. 

Issue #1 - June 11, 1968

To find this issue, you must first meet up with Donovan at the Royal Hotel in the Downtown district. Head towards the map marker to begin the Compromised Corruption mission. After the cut scene, turn around and you’ll see an issue of the Repent Magazine sitting on top of the bench where Donovan and Lincoln were sitting. 

Issue #2 - January 10, 1968

The second issue of Repent Magazine is found within Bellaire’s Supermarket in the Frisco Fields district. Upon entering the store, head into the employee backroom either by going through one of the departments, or by entering through the back. The employees may react negatively to you being there, so be ready to defend yourself if necessary. Head up the stairwell to reach the second floor office, and look for this magazine sitting at the corner of a desk along the wall. 

Issue #3 - March 10, 1968

This issue of Repent Magazine can be found within the French Ward of New Bordeaux in Mafia 3. Locate a cemetery near the center of the French Ward. Head toward the mausoleum in the middle, and search along the short wall that borders the stairs to find Issue #3. 

Issue #4 - July 12,1967

There is another issue found further south within the French Ward district, only this time it’s indoors. Look for an old hotel that houses one of Marcano’s gentlemen’s clubs near the southern edge of the district. Prepare to fend off a decent number of hostiles when you arrive. Clear the area, then make your way upstairs. Search the hotel rooms to find one with a small tricycle on the floor. The magazine will be on top the nearby vanity. 

Issue #5 - November 9, 1967

To locate the last issue of Repent Magazine, you must head to the Southdowns district. Locate a bar named Willcock’s Sports and Cocktails. It’s tucked away in an alcove and has outdoor restaurant seating. Enter the bar through the door to the left of the stairs, then walk behind the counter on the right side. The final issue of Repent Magazine will be sitting atop the middle counter behind the bar. 

If you followed the instructions above, you should now have all five Repent Magazine collectibles in Mafia 3.

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