Mafia 3 All Playboy Magazine Locations

Scour New Bordeaux to collect every Playboy Magazine in Mafia 3.

Nothing says 1960’s Americana like the rise of Playboy Magazine. This guide will show you how to find every Playboy Magazine in Mafia 3. There are 50 Playboy Magazines hidden throughout the city of New Bordeaux, and we’ll help you track down every one. Each magazine will be indicated by a Playboy Bunny icon on your display when it is within your vicinity.

Along with brief descriptions, we will provide two images for each magazine entry: one that indicates the magazine’s map location, and another that shows the in-game location of the magazine itself. We have also organized the magazines based on district to make things a bit easier.

Barclay Mills

January 1964

The January 1964 Playboy magazine is located in the giant warehouse by the railroad tracks, in the western side of Barclay Mills. You’ll find the Playboy on a table inside the Macheco Shipping Company warehouse.

November 1963

Head into Barclay Mills from Delray Hollow on the road that goes up the hill, not around the water. The November 1963 Playboy Magazine is located on the backyard deck of the first house on the left.

February 1964

The February 1964 magazine is located on the road that goes through the hills of Barclay Mills, the same road as November 1963. If you entered from Delray Hollow, this will be the first house on your right. You can find the Playboy on the back deck of the house, shown below.

September 1963

Continue along the same road you found November 1963 and February 1964, which is the road from Delray Hollow that travels through the hills of Barclay Mills. At the end of the road is a shantytown on the waterfront. Hit the northernmost house in the row of houses furthest from the water, of the first row you see when coming from inland. September 1963 can be found here. 

Delray Hollow

August 1964

This Playboy magazine is already yours, technically. You’ll find August 1964 on Lincoln’s desk in his bedroom, in the basement of Sammy’s. 

August 1966

The laundromat on the same street as Sammy’s is where you’ll find August 1966. Pass the Employees Only door to find it on the desk in the manager’s office. 

November 1967

Delray Hollow has a main central island. Enter it from the south and head to the right. You’ll spot a small, green colored house with the Playboy issue from November 1967 hidden inside on a desk. 

May 1964

Prepare yourself for a sad history lesson when finding the May 1964 Playboy. It is located in the Double Barrel bar near the abandoned amusement park. The Double Barrel is segregated, so Lincoln will have some trouble getting in. 

Bayou Fantom

June 1962

Head to the western end of Bayou Fantom, you’ll spot a small island with two ponds in the middle. On the northeast side of the island you’ll see a cottage with a boathouse. Head inside to find June 1962 on the table. 

August 1968

Hop on your boat and head to the island with the giant cove in the middle. Once you enter the cove, head straight until you hit land again. You’ll find August 1968 in the bedroom of a hut. 

June 1968

You’ll find June 1968 just east of the island that had August 1968, the one with the large cove in the middle. The island you’re looking for will have four small pieces of land at the western end, and we like to think it looks like a hippo with teeth. Find the house with a dock at the mouth of the hippo for this Playboy issue. 

July 1968

Head to the shantytown in the dead center of Bayou Fantom; it is on its own little island. On the western end of the town is the July 1968 Playboy magazine, on the deck of the house. 

March 1962

Check out the map to find the train tracks on the eastern part of Bayou Fantom. North of the tracks and to the left of the large cove will be a forest, accessed by going behind the warehouse on the tracks. You’ll find a small house in the forest with the March 1962 Playboy inside. 

River Row

July 1964

The July 1964 Playboy magazine is located in the Bayside Shipping Warehouse. Head inside to the cage office, you’ll see the Playboy on the desk. 

May 1963

The Baby Bear BBQ spot is where you’ll find May 1963. Head to the back office and look for a filing cabinet in the corner to find this Playboy magazine sitting on top. 

June 1966

River Row is loaded with buildings and restaurants, apparently with employees who are big Playboy fans. The June 1966 Playboy is inside of the kitchen at the Fresh Crab Shack. 

February 1966

This Playboy issue is located inside a two-story warehouse, up on the catwalk that can be accessed from the steps behind the building. 

October 1967

Find the Shanty Town in River Row, you’ll see a house with two awfully rusted garden containers out front. The October 1967 Playboy will be on the table inside. 

May 1966

The May 1966 Playboy magazine can be found while completing the Union Extortion Racket mission. Once inside the building where you make the kill, you’ll see the Playboy at the top of the stairs near the corner. 

December 1967

There will be a house with a big porch on the side on the southern riverfront of River Row. Find the pair of wooden chairs on the big porch, and you’ll see December 1967 lying next to the left chair. 

Pointe Verdun

July 1965

The July 1965 magazine issue in Pointe Verdun is found somewhat easily. All you have to do is head towards the lighthouse along the northern shore. The Playboy magazine should be sitting on top a nearby bench. 

August 1967

For this magazine, you’ll need to scour one of the housing blocks in the northwest section of Pointe Verdun district. Look for a small green house beside another two-story building. Enter the green house. You’ll see the Playboy on the corner of the table, just ahead of the door. 

November 1965

On the far west edge of Pointe Verdun, you’ll find housing beneath the freeway. Look for a house with metal fencing and a white table in its yard. Near the corner of the yard is a small outdoor dresser with a Playboy magazine sitting on top. 

September 1968

Head south along Pointe Verdun’s west border and locate a two-story warehouse. The magazine is on top of some filing cabinets near the tall windows. 

August 1965

Head towards the center of the district, and search the buildings nearby a Bever’s Moonshine location. Look for a building with cinder blocks and a black couch inside. The Playboy magazine is on top the couch. 

October 1965

This magazine will be a bit tricky to get, since it’s inside a police station. Head to the police station on the east side of Pointe Verdun. Look for a small shed in the parking lot. The Playboy will be on top of a desk inside. 

May 1967

Locate Burke’s Iron and Metal garage near the southern part of the district. Enter the building and look for a tool bench to find this last Playboy magazine sitting on top. 


January 1967

Head to the northwest section of the Downtown district and locate the Auto Service center. Snag the Playboy off the desk in the back office. 

November 1966

This magazine is hidden within the sewers, which you can access through the river tunnel located on the east side of Downtown. Once inside the sewers, look for an empty workbench. The Playboy magazine will be on its lower shelf. 

June 1967

This issue of Playboy is found in the circular park near the center of the Downtown district. Head towards the main monument in the park, and search within the flowerbed of one of the nearby palm trees to find this collectible. 

April 1965

While playing the Cavar’s Construction mission, search one of the trailers in the construction yard to collect this Playboy off the desk. This construction yard is found behind Shaker’s Jazz Club in case you need another point of reference outside the mission. 

December 1964

Search along the west shoreline of the Downtown district for a small garage that you can enter. Inside the garage is a small office with a desk and some furniture. The Playboy will be sitting atop the main desk. 

The French Ward

February 1962

Head to the location we’ve indicated on the map image above in the French Ward. Look for a brick house beside a motel complex. Behind the brick house is a shed where you’ll find a Playboy magazine on top of a chair inside. 

February 1967

Further inland from where you found the previous issue, locate a house with a green colored garage nearby. The Playboy magazine is on the desk inside the garage at the far wall. 

April 1961

Search along the eastern shoreline of the French Ward for a two-story warehouse. The Playboy is on top of an empty workbench inside. 

November 1968

Near the center of the French Ward district, locate a brown house beside a larger building. In the yard there is a pergola with a picnic bench underneath. The last Playboy in this district is found on top this bench. 

Frisco Fields

April 1967

On the west side of the lake, locate a small house with a porch that protrudes over the water. This Playboy magazine is found inside the house on the floor beside a bed. 

October 1968

Locate Duval Lookout in Frisco Fields. Ascend the stairs up the large tower. This issue of Playboy will be sitting on top the short stone wall beside the stairs. 

March 1967

Head further east in Frisco Fields and search the housing for a two-story, tan colored house. In the backyard, you’ll find a picnic bench covered by a striped umbrella just beyond the shed. The Playboy magazine is on top the picnic table. 

March 1965

In the southeast part of Frisco Fields, there is a large house that has steps leading downhill to a pergola. Search the ground beside one of the two lawn chairs to find this issue of Playboy magazine. 

September 1965

On the west side of Frisco Fields, locate a small shack amongst a series of houses. Just inside the doorway, you’ll find a bookshelf with a Playboy magazine sitting on top. 


September 1967

Travel to the Neil A. Arthur Stadium near the upper area of the Southdowns district. Search along the bleacher seats to find this issue of Playboy magazine. 

March 1968

Head west of the stadium and locate a long green house within a housing area. Enter the house and go into the bathroom to discover this magazine issue inside the cabinet beside the window. 

March 1966

Head to the Pearl Diver motel, located to the southeast of the stadium in Southdowns district. Search within the rooms on the second floor for a table sitting beneath a window beside a white closet. This Playboy magazine will be on top the table. 

December 1967

On the west side of Southdowns district, look for a series of three buildings. The center building should have a stairwell that leads up to the rooftop, where you’ll find a Playboy sitting along the brick wall. 

Tickfaw Harbor

October 1968

In the upper section of Tickfaw Harbor, locate Shooter’s Bar and head inside. Behind the bar, there is a Playboy magazine sitting on the counter beneath the liquor bottles. 

July 1967

There is a two-story train depot not far from the previous magazine location. Enter the building and locate the next Playboy magazine on the corner desk. 

July 1962

Search the lower section of Tickfaw Harbor for a shipyard along the east side. Enter the small square building across from Bayside Shipping. Enter the square building and make your way up to the rooftop, where you will find a Playboy magazine beside the chimneys. 

August 1962

Head over to the shipyard along the lower east side of Tickfaw Harbor. Enter one of the trailers to collect the Playboy off of the desk inside. 

May 1965

Travel to the west edge of Tickfaw Harbor and locate a trailer along the waterfront. The final Playboy magazine for this district is found inside this trailer on top of a short bookcase.

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