Rogue wins Overwatch APAC Premier

European side has momentum as it heads to Korea for APEX.

European team Rogue beat South Korean team Lunatic-Hai 4-1 in the grand final of the Overwatch APAC Premier tournament this weekend in Shanghai, China.

European Overwatch teams were in a bad spot a couple of weeks ago as Rogue went down to Lunatic-Hai twice in the group stages, while Reunited were crushed by Korean side RunAway in the opening round of Overwatch APEX matches in Seoul.

But fortunes change fast in esports. Not only did Rogue romp through the APAC Premier playoff bracket on their way to victory, but Reunited picked up a win in APEX. Rogue headed straight to Korea after APAC concluded to join the APEX festivities. In fact, they played their first game today, beating Korean side AF.Blue 3-0.

Rogue captain Kevyn "TviQ" Lindstrom won particular plaudits for his APAC Premier finals performance from APEX caster MonteCristo.

TviQ's team didn't start the final the way they would have wanted, narrowly losing on Numbani after an initial tie, but success on King's Row, Nepal, Temple of Anubis and Hollywood gave the team a decisive victory and the CNY 500,000 first prize (around $75,000). Co-owner Steve Aoki certainly appreciated their efforts.

For a taste of how things went down, check out the action from Hollywood, where Rogue somehow managed to hold Lunatic-Hai before the changeover.

Tom Bramwell

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