Nintendo Switch Trailer Shows Three Unannounced Games

The Nintendo Switch trailer hides three brand new games.

Today, Nintendo debuted their newest console—the Nintendo Switch. Previously codenamed the Nintendo NX, the Nintendo Switch hosts a slew of new features including an increased emphasis on mobility. However, the trailer for the Nintendo Switch was more than a simple demo of the new console’s functionality.

If you look carefully at the video, you’ll catch glimpses three unannounced Nintendo titles. The most obvious one of the three is a brand new Super Mario game. It appears this upcoming Mario title will take a step back from 3D-style Mario games released over last few years, and will instead return to the signature style of classic Mario games like Super Mario 64.

In addition to this mysterious Mario title, a new Mario Kart game was also hinted at. This one is a little harder to analyze, but the main giveaway that this is indeed a new title and not a remaster was the inclusion of King Boo (who hasn’t been a playable racer since Mario Kart Wii) and the double item slot.

Finally, fans of Splatoon will be excited to hear that there may be a sequel in the works. In the trailer, a never-before-seen map can be seen in the opening shots of Splatoon, and several new hairstyles on the inklings were also shown. While this could simply prove to be an expansion, Splatoon fans remain hopeful that a second game is indeed in the works.

Morgan Shaver

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