Time to Destroy More Friendships with Mario Party: Star Rush

Lindsey lets us know how we’ll be able to beat our friends in the new Mario Party

There’s no sweeter moment than playing a Mario Party game with your friends and stealing out the victory from beneath someone’s feet and we’re going to be able to do it all again in Nintendo’s upcoming game, Mario Party: Star Rush.

We had the opportunity to chat with Lindsey Newman, a Product Marketing Specialist from Nintendo, about Mario Party: Star Rush. She was able to reveal to us a few of the changes and additions coming to the Mario Party world.

Lindsey goes on to describe Star Rush as a single player and multiplayer experience, allowing players to jump in and play instantly. The new game uses a similar “world” theme often found in Mario games, with players traveling to different worlds to compete in activities.

While there is no online option, you are able to verse your friends through a local wireless connection. Another excellent feature is that, on the day of launch, players can visit the Nintendo eShop and download Mario Party: Star Rush Guest Edition, and so long as one of your friends purchases the game, you will be able to play together in the wireless multiplayer modes. It's features like this that make multiplayer experiences on Nintendo one of the best, and hopefully they continue this practice with their new system, Nintendo Switch.

We’re also pleased to hear Diddy Kong is finally making his debut in a Mario Party game! Thankfully, we’re only going to have to wait until November 4th for Mario Party: Star Rush to release.

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