Destiny's Festival of the Lost Returns Next Week

New masks, emotes, and more will be available.

Bungie has announced that the second iteration of Destiny’s Halloween-themed “Festival of the Lost” event will kick off next week, bringing with it both returning goodies from last year’s event and brand new items for players to find.

According to Bungie, all of the masks and consumable items from last year’s Festival of the Lost will make a return appearance, and as you can see in the above announcement trailer, there will be plenty of new masks to find as well. One of the new masks, which makes the player equipping it appear as if their character has a wolf’s head, will pair nicely with one of the Festival’s new purchasable emotes: a wolf’s howl.

As shown in the trailer, players will once again report to the Guardian Outfitter Eva Levante who offers masks, Festival of the Lost-exclusive quests, and special caches of items called “Treasures of the Lost”. These have a chance of containing new masks, items which allow players to make their masks permanent, cosmetic consumables, and even rarer items such as a new devil-horned Ghost or a glowing green Sparrow.

The Festival of the Lost will run from October 25th to November 8th. For more on Destiny, be sure to check out our guide for finding all of the Rise of Iron expansion’s Dormant SIVA Clusters and our opinion piece on whether Destiny 2 should come to PC. 


Nate Hohl

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