Respawn Reveals Titanfall 2 Launch Trailer

Start developing an emotional attachment to your Titan with Titanfall 2's all new launch trailer.

Respawn Entertainment has released “Become One,” the official launch trailer for Titanfall 2. The trailer focuses on Jack Cooper and BT-7274, the stars of Titanfall 2’s all new single player campaign. This is the first time we see Jack Cooper’s face, as he removes his helmet during certain scenes.

Also featured are a number of cinematic battles as our heroes face off against multiple enemy pilots and new titans, including a Scorch with a well placed proximity mine. There does not appear to be any gameplay, though “Become One” is a beautiful trailer that hopefully manifests itself in Titanfall 2’s cutscenes.

Titanfall 2 is almost here with the worldwide launch coming on Friday, October 28th. Get caught up on the previous single player trailer to set your hype levels to 11. Remember, Titanfall 2 is a little different than the original, so here are the 4 biggest changes coming.

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