Call of Duty World League Returning in December

Season 2 of the Call of Duty World League is kicking off in December, with a brand new game.

The Call of Duty World League will kick off its Infinite Warfare season on December 16th with the North American Open at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. $100,000 will be on the line for the top North American teams in the first event of the CWL season.

This will be the second season of the Call of Duty World League, as last year’s league wrapped up with Team EnVyUs taking home the title at Call of Duty XP. Over 1,000 teams competed in last year’s World League, with 100 million views spread out over 1.1 billion minutes of broadcast content. Rob Kostich, the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Call of Duty for Activision, commented on the Call of Duty World League’s success:

“The debut season of the CWL was a massive success, huge thanks to the Call of Duty community and our partners for their support. Congratulations to Team EnVyUs and all the talented teams who competed. But come December, a new season starts and what better place to kick things off than in Las Vegas. We’re thrilled to start a new CWL season, featuring Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, at MLG Las Vegas. It’s going to be a great, exciting new season for the CWL and we look forward to the competition to come.”

You can watch the North American Open at all the usual suspects: Twitch, YouTube, and MLG.TV. For PS4 users, you can watch the Open through the Live Event Viewer on the home screen of Infinite Warfare. It is not yet known if the Black Ops 3 Live Viewer will carry the event.

The new season brings along a new Call of Duty, and it remains a mystery as to how Infinite Warfare’s new weapon rarity and crafting system will translate over to eSports. Our guess is only base models will be competitive, similar to how Advanced Warfare handled the problem, though an upcoming stream will let everyone know for sure. Tune in to the Call of Duty Twitch on October 26th at 2pm (PST) for the eSports reveal of Infinite Warfare, along with additional details regarding the World League season.

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