Check Out The Patch Notes For The Division's 1.4 Update

Big changes have arrived for Ubisoft’s MMO shooter.

Today, Ubisoft launched the massive 1.4 update for The Division, an update that drastically alters virtually every element of the game with the end goal of making it into a more accessible (and ideally fun) experience.

The official patch notes for update 1.4 can be found here. As you can see in the notes, everything from leveling to character skills to gear drops and much, much more has been addressed. If there was a particular part of The Division you were unhappy with in the past, chances are the 1.4 update addressed it.

Now that update 1.4 is finally out in the wild, Ubisoft is free to shift its focus back to The Division’s two remaining expansion packs (Survival and Last Stand), which were previously delayed so that Ubisoft could focus on update 1.4.

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Nate Hohl

Nate Hohl got his start in the video games journalism industry shortly after graduating college and since then he has come to find enjoyment in critiquing various forms of media (games, movies, books, etc.) and seeing how they affect our ever-developing idea of culture. If you'd like to contact him, you can do so via his email address,, or his admittedly oft-neglected Twitter account @NateHohl.

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