World of Warcraft's 7.1 Patch Is Now Live

Karazhan has been remade into a dungeon.

Blizzard has released the first post-Legion content patch for World of Warcraft, bringing the game up to version 7.1 and introducing several new features in the process.

As you might guess from its “Return to Karazhan” title, the patch’s main highlight is the introduction of a brand new 5-player dungeon version of the famous Karazhan raid from World of Warcraft’s Burning Crusade experience. Players will have to complete an in-depth attunement quest before they can access the new Legion version of Karazhan, and those who do will find a revamped dungeon experience complete with eight thrilling boss fights waiting for them.

The 7.1 patch also includes some pretty substantial changes for its PvP elements including new open-world activities, a Quick Join option, new chapters for the Suramar storyline which set the stage for the upcoming Nighthold raid, and groundwork for the Trial of Valor raid-dungeon which is scheduled to be released next month. The full patch notes for the Return to Karazhan update can be found on the official World of Warcraft website.

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Nate Hohl

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