Dark Souls 3 - All Crow Trade Items

All the items you can trade with the Crow in Dark Souls 3

This guide will tell you how to find the Crow’s Nest for trading as well as all the items that you can trade with the Crow, Pickle-Pee.

How to Find the Crow’s Nest

Purchase the Tower Key for 20,000 souls from the Shrine Handmaid and then head into the upper levels of Firelink Shrine. Go upstairs from within the Shrine’s entrance and head outside past the large tree.

Dark Souls 3 Tower Gate
Dark Souls 3 Tower Gate

Use the Tower Key to unlock the gate on the tower ahead. Proceed up the tower then jump off the small bridge and onto the roof of Firelink Shrine. The Crow’s Nest will be in the center of the roof.

Dark Souls 3 Crow
Dark Souls 3 Crow

You can also knock down a ladder that’s on the roof near the sleeping tree to allow yourself access in the future.

Dark Souls 3 Roof Ladder
Dark Souls 3 Roof Ladder

Stand in the middle of the nest then select the item you wish to trade with the Crow. It’s important you select Leave and not Discard, as discarding an item destroys it.

For example, if you offer to trade a Homeward Bone, the Crow will drop Iron Bracelets and the Call Over gesture in return.

Note: Dark Souls 3 is different to the previous titles in that you do not need to Quit and Reload to receive the item. Simply drop the item and then immediately pick up the new one.

All Trade Items

Dropped Item

Received Item

Scared Chime (Any)

Help Me! Carving

Alluring Skull

Hello! Carving


Titanite Scale

Black Firebomb

Titanite Chunk

Blacksmith Hammer

Titanite Scale

Coiled Sword Fragment

Titanite Slab

Divine Blessing

Very Good! Carving


Hollow Gem


Large Titanite Shard

Hidden Blessing

Thank You! Carving

Homeward Bone

Iron Bracelets (Solaire’s Armor)

Large Leather Shield

Twinkling Titanite

Lightning Urn

Iron Helm (Solaire’s Armor)

Loretta’s Bone

Ring of Sacrifice

Mendicant’s Staff

Sunlight Shield (Solaire’s Armor)

Moaning Shield

Blessed Gem

Prism Stone

Twinkling Titanite

Seed of a Giant Treet

Iron Leggings (Solaire’s Armor)

Shriving Stone

Im Sorry! Carving


Armor of the Sun (Solaire’s Armor)

Undead Bone Shard

Porcine Shield

Vertebra Shackle

Lucatiel’s Mask

Xanthous Crown

Lightning Gem


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