Hitman Sniper Gets A Limited-Time Halloween Event

Agent 47’s got more tricks than treats.

Square Enix has announced via press release that its hit mobile spin-off game Hitman: Sniper is getting in on the Halloween festivities courtesy of a new limited-time event.

The main highlight of the event is the addition of a new weapon—the Exorcist crossbow. Not only does the Exorcist look cool, it also comes equipped with three unique abilities that can help players come up with dastardly new ways to eliminate their targets. These abilities include an unfriendly ghost that can distract or scare foes, a brutal impale ability, and a quick volley of incredibly lethal barbed arrows. The Exorcist can be acquired through in-game methods or purchased with a $4.99 microtransaction.

In addition to the Exorcist crossbow, the Halloween update also redecorates Hitman: Sniper’s Montenegro region with a spookier motif, complete with Jack-O-Lanterns and costumes. There are also new event-specific missions and challenges to undertake, ensuring that players can put their shiny new Exorcist crossbows to good use.

Hitman: Sniper is available on both iOS and Android devices for $0.99. It can be played on both mobile phones and tablets.

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Nate Hohl

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