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Dota 2 and Counter-Strike are no strangers to the number one spot on Twitch, but most of the time there's only one game you see in that position: League of Legends. Riot Games' stupendously popular MOBA - over 100 million players by last count - supports fiercely competitive professional leagues all around the world and, of course, has a thriving community of streamers. Whether you want to watch the pros, learn from the best or just wallow in the memes, League has you covered pretty much 24/7. Here are some of our favourites:


The one and only Michael "Imaqtpie" Santana is a former Dignitas ADC who has made a name and a handsome living for himself entertaining his many thousands of followers on Twitch. Despite living in the US, he tailored his streaming schedule so European and American viewers can enjoy his fine work in bot lane, where he's often seen punishing well-known opponents on meta champions. QT's laidback style and long, flowing hair - together with the neverending stream of $4.20 donations - give him a particular air, and it's easy to lose entire evenings just watching along as he smilingly outwits endless opponents, often playing alongside friends like Dyrus or Annie Bot.


Danish mid-laner Soren "Bjergsen" Berg has been the cornerstone of TSM's line-up since 2014 when he first moved to North America, helping his team win three NA LCS championships and even IEM Katowice in 2015. While team-mates have come and gone, Bjerg has held firm and become a staple of the region's professional scene. Like many of the top NA LCS players, he also spends a lot of time streaming, showing us all how it's done on everyone from Ryze to Syndra. If you're looking for endless displays of pure mechanical skill underpinned by fantastic tactical awareness, you've found it.


Away from the carry lanes, Rabia "Nightblue3" Yazbek is one of the most popular and prolific League of Legends streamers and most famous for his jungle play. Nightblue enjoys joking around with his many followers, but beneath the easygoing demeanour he's also fantastically good at his role, making the sort of flashy aggressive plays that you and I never manage to pull off, and usually emerging with kills and assists for his team. Check out the Olaf clip below to see what we mean, or just look him up immediately - Nightblue keeps a frantic schedule and he's usually the first person you see when you log into Twitch.


We've had carries and junglers, so how about a support? Mitch "Krepo" Voorspoels is better known to the League of Legends universe as one of Riot's triple-A casters for the EU LCS, delivering phenomenal analysis in the heat of complex matches week after week and tournament after tournament, but in his downtime he also likes to stream. He's worth checking out on any champion, but we're particularly fond - as he is - of the Wandering Caretaker, Bard, with whom he is well known for doing outrageous things. Check out the clips below to join Krepo on a series of Magical Journeys.


Another mid-laner with crazy mechanics, Kelsie "KayPea" Pelling is always good value, wrecking fools for several hours a week. She doesn't stream as frequently as some of the other folks on this list, but it's well worth tuning in to catch her Lux, Brand and Ahri, as you can see in the YouTube highlights clip below. The Brand sequence is particularly good. Who needs a health bar when you've got fire at your fingertips?

Minions have spawned

If none of the above takes your fancy, don't worry because when it comes to League of Legends streamers you are spoiled for choice. Bjergsen's current team-mate DoubleLift is another fantastic ADC to follow and Cloud9's Sneaky is worth checking out too, while ex-TSM top-laner Dyrus is also a good watch, although his low, booming voice can be a little off-putting at times, and if you just want a quiet stream to watch gameplay, dammit, then there's always MushIsGosu, a talented ADC who doesn't do webcams or mics.

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