SKT TI Wins League of Legends World Championship 2016

Fourth-straight Korean win, third Worlds victory, best duo out there, and Faker, makes for one hell-of-a final.

SKT T1 has done it again; they’ve taken home their third World Championship victory against opponents Samsung Galaxy in the battle for the Summoner’s Cup. It all went down at the Staples Center in LA as SK Telecom T1 faced off against Samsung Galaxy for the grand prize of over $2,000,000. Tom has been preparing us for the inevitable, but it sure was a close final.

Interestingly, this number was actually increased this year from its regular $1,000,000, and can still increase further, due to sales from this year’s Championship Zed skin and Championship Ward skin. These skins are the bread and butter for Riot Games, and to make it even more enticing for would-be victors, Riot has pledged to share 25% of the eventual revenue of the team skins with the winners. Getting your hand in the Riot Games honeypot would definitely be one of the highlights to winning.

Despite picking up a strong lead with two victories, SKT was put on the back foot as SSG fought back to claim victories in both Game 3 and 4. In Game 3, a well-timed Dragon steal with a transition into Baron led to an in-base fight which SKT ended up losing. Game 4 was much the same, with SSG controlling Faker, a Baron buff, and an eventual push into SKT’s base. With everything riding on the fifth game, nails were bitten and chewed down.

But, in true SKT fashion, after a few good fights, some timely Baron buffs, and a nice boost in fighting ability from the Dragons, SSG’s fate was sealed. What SKT walked away with wasn’t just the huge prize pool, but the fourth Korean Worlds victory in a row. I'm still shocked it came down to, literally, the final match.

Sam Chandler

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