21 Amazing Halloween Costumes and Cosplays

Here are some of our favorite Halloween costumes from around the internet. 

As Halloween weekend draws to a close, a flood of new gaming and pop culture-inspired costumes have recently hit the web. For this list, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite community Halloween costumes and cosplays from around the internet. Some of these costumes show amazing skill or creativity, while others are just straight funny. From Overwatch to Stranger Things, these costumes surely turned some heads this Halloween. 

The latest Overwatch Halloween event inspired some awesome real-life costumes, with Witch Mercy easily being a top pick among the community. Here’s a few of our favorites to kick off this list. 

Overwatch - Witch Mercy by Megan Coffey

Source: Twitter/Facebook

Overwatch - Witch Mercy by Knitemaya

Source: Reddit/Tumblr

Overwatch - Plague Doctor Reaper by Stone-Bear

Source: Deviantart/Reddit

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