Titanfall 2 - How to Use Boosts

Everything you need to know about Boosts in Titanfall 2

Boosts are another new mechanic in Titanfall 2, replacing the old Burn Card system from the first game. This new system allows for more in-game customization of your playstyle. Here’s everything you need to know about how to use Boosts in Titanfall 2.

How to Use Boosts

Select your Boost in the Identity screen to make it available during a match

Open the Identity menu and select a Pilot Boost. This will enable that Boost for use during a game. Boosts are unlocked at certain levels, so if there is a specific Boost you want, aim to get to that level as soon as possible. When you have chosen your Boost, load up a multiplayer game.

In order to use a Boost, your Titan meter will need to reach a certain charge percentage. Not all boosts require the same amount of charge to activate. For instance, Amped Weapons, the first Boost available, requires your Titan bar to be 80% charged while Ticks requires only 65%.

A mark on the Titan meter indicates when your Boost can be activated. As usual, getting kills, capturing objectives, and evening stealing batteries will fill up your bar quicker than simply waiting.

Titanfall 2 Boosts

There are several different Boosts available in Titanfall 2, each with their own game-changing effects
Selecting the Boost that is right for you is half the battle in Titanfall 2

There are 12 different Boosts in Titanfall 2, each with their unique abilities that will change your playstyle. Each Boost is unlocked at a different level, but all cost 125 credits to purchase. As mentioned above, each Boost has a different activation cost as well, meaning some can be activated with less charge than others. Pick the Boost that best matches your playstyle!

Amped Weapons

Unlocked at Level 1 with an Activation Cost of 80%, the Amped Weapons Boost increases the power of your Primary and Secondary weapons.


Unlocked at Level 6 with an Activation Cost of 65%, the Ticks Boost releases enemy-seeking explosive drones.

Pilot Sentry

Unlocked at Level 17 with an Activation Cost of 72%, the Pilot Sentry Boost drops an automated turret that shoots all enemy units, except for Titans. Use wisely, as it only lasts 30 seconds.

Map Hack

Unlocked at Level 23 with an Activation Cost of 70%, the Map Hack Boost reveals the enemies’ positions on your whole team’s mini-map.

Battery Backup

Unlocked at Level 28 with an Activation Cost of 80%, the Battery Backup Boost gives you a free battery for your Titan. As we mentioned in our Titanfall 2 Battery guide, having extra batteries is extremely important in keeping your Titan alive.

Radar Jammer

Unlocked at Level 31 with an Activation Cost of 40%, the Radar Jammer Boost disables the enemies’ mini map.

Titan Sentry

Unlocked at Level 34 with an Activation Cost of 35%, the Titan Sentry Boost drops a Titan-shooting automated turret.

Smart Pistol

Unlocked at Level 42 with an Activation Cost of 60%, the Smart Pistol Boost will swap your Secondary weapon for the auto-locking pistol from the first Titanfall.

Phase Rewind

Unlocked at Level 44 with an Activation Cost of 25%, the Phase Rewind Boost will move you backward through time by a few seconds.

Hard Cover

Unlocked at Level 46 with an Activation Cost of 20%, the Hard Cover Boost will give your Pilot a shield to hide behind.

Holo Pilot Nova

Unlocked at Level 50 with an Activation Cost of 40%, the Holo Pilot Nova Boost will create a holographic decoy of you.

Advocate Gift

Unlocked at Level 50 with an Activation cost of 36%, the Advocate Gift Boost activates a random Boost.

Boosts offer an interesting change of pace to the old Burn Cards, allowing Pilots to optimize their playstyles with greater ease. Whether it’s the Map Hack to see your enemies or the Advocate Gift to try your luck at gambling, knowing how to use Boosts in Titanfall 2 is extremely important.

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