Pokken Tournament Trolls Community With Newest Roster Addition

Didn’t see that one coming.

The fan community behind Pokken Tournament—Bandai Namco’s oddly endearing arcade-style Pokemon fighting game—thought that it had the game’s latest DLC roster addition figured out. However, it appears Bandai Namco managed to have the final word thanks to the reveal of a certain Poison-type frog Pokemon.

That’s right, as it turns out, the unfortunately-named Croagunk will be joining the roster of playable Pokken Tournament combatants on November 10th. While the above video shows that Croagunk certainly has an interesting and dynamic fighting style, the frog’s reveal wound up being a major disappointment to long-time fans of the game for two major reasons. The first reason is that Croagunk technically already has a presence in Pokken Tournament as an NPC support Pokemon. The second is that data miners who previously scoured the game’s files had predicted the next DLC combatant as Empoleon, the fan-favorite evolved form of the Water-type starter Pokemon Piplup.

Data miners successfully predicted the last two DLC additions—Scizor and Darkrai—so there was no resistance towards the prediction that Empoleon would be next. Files relating to Croagunk were also found, but were quickly written off as the data miners assumed they simply related to the Poison-type’s NPC support version.

While fans may be disappointed at Croagunk’s bait-and-switch reveal, the good news is that a fourth DLC fighter is still on the way. Although the fourth DLC Pokemon has yet to be revealed, chances are pretty darn good that it will be Empoleon.

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Nate Hohl

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