Star Wars Battlefront Sequel Will Arrive Next Fall

Head to a galaxy far, far away…again.

It has been about a year since DICE launched its Star Wars Battlefront reboot in November of 2015, and going by recent comments made by the higher ups at publisher Electronic Arts, fans will be playing a sequel to DICE’s Battlefront game by this time next year.

Speaking at a recent investor call, EA’s chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen confirmed that current expectations are to have the Battlefront sequel on store shelves “a year from now,” indicating that EA is aiming for a Fall 2017 release window.

This provides a slightly narrower release window than what EA gave when it initially confirmed Battlefront was getting a sequel back in May of this year, saying then that the sequel would likely arrive at some point during the April to December stretch of 2017.

Jorgensen also said that DICE is already working hard to make sure that the sequel is “an extremely deep and engaging offering,” implying that it will include (at the very least) a feature which didn’t make the cut for DICE’s first Battlefront game—a dedicated story campaign.

Many players lamented the lack of any sort of story mode, saying that the new game’s overt focus on online competitive multiplayer prevented it from recapturing the magic which made the older Battlefront games so beloved by Star Wars fans.

If you want to get in on DICE’s first crack at Star Wars Battlefront, the recently announced Ultimate Edition offers the comprehensive experience (the base game plus the Season Pass) at a fairly reasonable price.

Nate Hohl

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