Killing Floor 2 PlayStation 4 Open Beta Announced

The beta will be held this upcoming weekend.

Tripwire Interactive has announced that they will be hosting an open beta for the PlayStation 4 version of their upcoming co-op sci-fi horror shooter sequel Killing Floor 2.

The open beta will begin tomorrow, November 4th, and will last until Sunday, November 6th. The beta is free and open to all interested participants; no pre-registration is required. Once the beta is live, players can access it by downloading the free client directly from the PSN Store. Included in the beta are the following features (text courtesy of Tripwire):

  • 2 Multiplayer Modes – Survival and Versus Survival
  • 3 Maps – Burning Paris, Biotics Lab, Evac Point
  • 1 Offline Training Mission 
  • 9 Perk Classes 
  • 14 Playable Characters 

Killing Floor 2 is the sequel to Tripwire’s hit PC-exclusive co-op shooter Killing Floor. Not only does the sequel improve on everything which made the original Killing Floor great, it also marks the Killing Floor series’ debut on consoles. Those who enjoy what they see in the open beta will be able to purchase the full version of Killing Floor 2 on November 18th for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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Nate Hohl

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