Be Careful Of Which PC Version Of Infinite Warfare You Buy

The different versions don’t play nice with each other.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is now available on a variety of platforms, including current-gen consoles and PC. However, if you’re a PC loyalist planning on picking up a copy of Infinite Warfare, there is one major caveat you should probably be aware of—the game’s PC multiplayer community will be divided between two major game versions.

Infinite Warfare is available for PC via both Steam and the Windows 10 Store. However, an updated FAQ page from Activision has confirmed that the Windows 10 Store version of Infinite Warfare will have an entirely separate multiplayer community than the Steam version, and that there will be no crossover between the two. This essentially means that, if you buy a Steam version and a friend of yours buys a Windows 10 Store version, you won’t be able to play together despite the fact that you’re both on PC.

It’s a rather odd and unfortunate circumstance, especially since the Call of Duty series has already struggled to maintain a strong presence on PC. Activision didn’t provide a reason behind the split (though I suspect it has something to do with licensing issues between Valve, Activision, and Microsoft), though it did confirm that the same conditions apply to the multiplayer component of Modern Warfare Remastered, the updated remake which comes bundled in with certain versions of Infinite Warfare.

If you do decide to buy Infinite Warfare on PC despite the above caveat, you’ll at least be able to enjoy features like boots on the ground private match options and special story campaign difficulty modes.

Nate Hohl

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