Hearthstone's 2016 World Championship Results

Pavel claims victory after coming close to a few losses.

Hearthstone’s 2016 World Championship came to a close last week as European-player, Pavel, took home not only the victory but $250,000.

In the final bracket of the World Championship, Pavel faced-off against DrHippi in what started as a tense back-and-forth but quickly spun out of control for DrHippi.

Before the Grand Final, both players had to slog their way through the semi-finals. The first semi-final saw Russia’s Pavel face China’s Jasonzhou in what was ultimately Pavel’s victory. However, the first two games saw Jasonzhou clean the board, harassing Pavel at every turn. But this wouldn’t last as Pavel managed to outplay his opponent with either well-timed cards or just sheer draw-luck.

Ukraine’s DrHippi and South Korea’s Che0nsu, versed one another in the second semi-final match-up which saw DrHippi come out victorious. Despite winning Game 1 and 3, Che0nsu ran into problems when his Dragon Warrior deck didn’t yield enough dragons during the match. By the fifth game, with both players having won two matches, it was down to the wire. But Che0nsu’s Ragnaros didn’t hit where it needed to, instead focusing on a minion. From there, it was all downhill for Che0nsu as DrHippi secured his placed in the Grand Final.

Tensions rise as games of Hearthstone swing back and forth
Tensions rise as games of Hearthstone swing back and forth

In the Grand Final, the two European players (a first in Hearthstone history: having two finalists from the same region) put on quite the performance as they slugged it out over the first few games. But Pavel’s luck and finesse was with him as he played Brawl and walked away with a successful battle.

The final match, Game 6, was almost a wash thanks to Pavel’s draws. An early VanCleef draw saw Pavel ramp up the cards power thanks to its ability whereby it gains +2/+2 for each card played earlier in the turn in which its cast. With a hand full of low-cost cards, Pavel was able to create some impressive ramp.

Hopefully, I can take a page out of these player's handbook and increase my own skill. If you’re anything like me, and are always looking to get better, take a gander at the streamers you should be watching if you want to improve at Hearthstone!

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