Overwatch Reveals Newest Hero Sombra

Check out her reveal trailer and abilities.

After months of leaks and teases, Blizzard finally unveiled Overwatch’s newest playable hero during last weekend’s BlizzCon event—the femme fatale hacker, Sombra.

The reveal played out in a rather cheeky fashion, with Sombra’s debut animated short titled “Infiltration” seamlessly interrupting an Overwatch launch tribute video shown by Blizzard during the BlizzCon opening ceremony. The sequence essentially made it seem as though Sombra had hacked the presentation, interrupting it while she underwent the mission shown in the Infiltration video below:

Later on, Blizzard outlined Sombra’s specific abilities during a BlizzCon Overwatch discussion panel. According to Blizzard, Sombra will be a light mobile character akin to Tracer or Genji who can use her Machine Pistol to attack from afar. Of course, being able to assault enemies with gunfire is just the tip of the Sombra iceberg as her other four abilities prove:

  • Hack: Sombra can remotely disable certain elements such as enemy hero ultimate abilities, Torbjorn’s turrets, Reinhardt’s Shield, and even health packs (making it so that they do nothing if an enemy player tries to pick them up)
  • Thermoptic Camo: Sombra gains stealth and increased movement speed indefinitely until she either takes damage or uses another ability
  • Translocater: Sombra throws out a small device which she can then teleport back to by using the ability again
  • EMP: Sombra emits a large pulse of energy which basically acts as a massive area-of-effect Hack

You can see Sombra’s abilities in action via the trailer below.

Sombra will be available in the Overwatch public test server starting this week and should arrive in Overwatch’s public version before the end of the year.

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