Varian Wrynn And Ragnaros Join The Heroes of the Storm Roster

Both characters should be available soon.

During last weekend’s BlizzCon event, Blizzard revealed not one, but two new playable characters who will soon be joining the Heroes of the Storm roster—the noble King Varian Wrynn and the power-hungry fire god Ragnaros—both hailing from Blizzard’s Warcraft universe.

Varian and Ragnaros were featured in a new Heroes of the Storm BlizzCon trailer aptly titled “Forged by Fire” which you can watch below:

Continuing Blizzard’s efforts to create new MOBA heroes that upset the established idea of how MOBA characters should function, Varian Wrynn will actually be Heroes of the Storm’s first multi-class hero.

Normally, each Heroes of the Storm character embodies a single specific class type (Warrior, Assassin, Support, or Specialist), but Varian players will be able to pick between a sword-and-shield Warrior, or a dual-blade Assassin archetype each time they take him into a match. 

Meanwhile, Ragnaros will function as a Melee Assassin who can punish enemy players in-lane using his hammer Sulfuras, and who can also take control of allied forts, growing in size and gaining a large amount of health in the process. While inhabiting an allied fort, Ragnaros is rooted in place. However, he can also use powerful new abilities to crush any enemy players foolish enough to come near, basically forcing the enemy team to assault the fort as a team if they hope to defeat the legendary fire lord.

Varian Wrynn is available on the Heroes of the Storm public test realm now and should launch publicly later this month. Ragnaros will follow suit this December.

Before Varian Wrynn and Ragnaros, Heroes of the Storm’s most recent hero release was the Warcraft 3 Blademaster Samuro.


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