Ubisoft Details The Division's Survival Expansion

Get ready for the ultimate survival test.

Now that The Division’s 1.4 update is up and running, Ubisoft is once again focusing on the game’s two remaining expansion packs, and it sounds like the Survival expansion will definitely help to breathe some fresh life into the game.

The Survival expansion will add in an entire new gameplay scenario which involves traveling via helicopter into a snow-covered version of the standard game map. However, when the helicopter is damaged mid-flight it crash lands, leaving players stranded on the outskirts of the city and forcing them to make their way to the center Dark Zone region so they can secure some vital anti-viral drugs before calling for extraction. The Survival scenario will rob players of all their equipment and weapons, requiring them to make do with basic level items as they scavenge for resources needed to craft better gear.

Players will also need to craft items that unlock the use of skills and forage for items which help them combat elements like hunger, thirst, sickness, and hypothermia. Vanity items including scarves and hats will also serve a purpose now, as each item will have a cold resistance stat that helps the player fight off hypothermia.

A typical Survival session will last two hours and can hold up to 24 players at once. If you die in a Survival session, you can’t respawn, though you will earn rewards based on how well you did. Obviously, the best rewards are earned by successfully securing the anti-virals and extracting.

There will be both PvE and PvP variants of the Survival scenario, though even the PvE version will have some competitive elements to it since there won’t be enough resources to comfortably support all 24 players. The Survival scenario will also be level agnostic and will award XP just like the standard campaign so players can attempt it with lower level characters and even use it as an alternate way to level up.

More details about The Division’s Survival expansion can be found courtesy of a thread on the official Division subreddit. A release date for the Survival expansion has yet to be confirmed. However, the expansion is available to test via the game’s public test server right now if you happen to be playing on PC.

For more on The Division, be sure to check out the patch notes for the game’s massive 1.4 update.

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