New Trailer Shows Off The Division's Survival Expansion

The expansion is now live on the PTS.

Ubisoft has officially opened up The Division’s second expansion, Survival, to PC players who are participating in the game’s Public Test Server. To commemorate the start of the expansion’s testing phase, a new trailer for Survival has also been released.

The trailer doesn’t reveal anything we didn’t already learn from the initial reveal, but it does show off just how different the base game’s environments will look in the snow-covered Survival scenario. In Survival, up to 24 players are spawned into the outskirts of a unique version of the base game’s map and must make their way to the center of the city so that they can secure a cache of anti-virals and call for extraction. Along the way, they’ll have to contend with conditions like hunger, thirst, and disease as well as hostile NPC’s, and if they’re feeling particularly brave, each other (Survival will include both PvE and PvP scenario options).

A release date for Survival hasn’t yet been announced, but Ubisoft is planning on pushing it to The Division’s live servers before the end of 2016. Next year, the game’s third and final expansion, Last Stand, will be released. 

Nate Hohl

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