Upcoming Overwatch Tweak is a Big Deal for Pharah Fans

Get ready to rule the skies.

Blizzard recently implemented a seemingly innocuous tweak to Overwatch’s playable hero Pharah on the game’s public test realm which actually has a pretty big impact on how she navigates the battlefield.

As was mentioned in this news post on the Overwatch PTR change log, Pharah’s Hover Jets (the ability which allows her to hover in the air for a limited time) have received a 35 percent increase in lift. This means that, with careful management of the Hover Jets meter and occasional applications of Pharah’s Jump Jet vertical boost ability, the rocket-firing Egyptian warrior can stay airborne indefinitely, allowing Pharah players to launch some truly epic-feeling aerial attacks against unsuspecting opponents.

Now, judging from the PTR footage we’ve seen of Pharah’s new aerial capabilities, staying airborne over a prolonged period actually requires a decent amount of concentration since the player has to make sure their Hover Jets meter doesn’t drain completely in between Jump Jet uses. This means that trying to stay airborne once a battle breaks out probably isn’t a good idea since the player’s inability to focus entirely on the fighting will no doubt leave them open to a Roadhog hook or a Widowmaker headshot, but it should still lead to some fun new opening gambit attacks nonetheless.

There’s no word yet on when the new Pharah change will be pushed to Overwatch’s live servers, but it will likely be around the same time as the full release of the recently unveiled hero Sombra.

Nate Hohl

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