Episode Four of Telltale's Batman Arrives on November 22nd

A new villain will soon enter the fray in Batman: A Telltale Series.

Telltale Games has shared both the impending release date and new teaser trailer for the fourth episode of the Batman: The Telltale Series entitled “Guardian of Gotham.”

As the trailer shows, things aren’t looking too good for Bruce Wayne and his bat-eared alter ego as the game rolls into its fourth act. Not only is he still coping with the major betrayal from the end of episode three, he’s also being attacked from all sides by both Two-Face and Penguin.

To make matters even worse, a certain joke-obsessed villain also makes his debut in this episode, and you know he’s got his own sinister plans for ruining Batman’s day.

Guardian of Gotham is set to launch on November 22nd. Be warned that the trailer below contains spoilers from the first three episodes of Batman: The Telltale Series, so if you have yet to play them, you may want to do so before watching the latest trailer. \

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Nate Hohl

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