Rainbow Six: Siege Operation Red Crow DLC Now Available

A new map, new operators, and more are coming in Operation Red Crow.

Operation Red Crow, the fourth and final DLC pack for Rainbow Six Siege’s first season of post-release content, is now available across all platforms.

Those who purchase Operation Red Crow—or those who already own the Rainbow Six: Siege Season Pass—can now play as two brand new operators, Hibana and Echo, who are both members of the Japanese SAT (Special Assault Team) anti-terrorism organization. Hibana, the new Attacker class operator, can destroy reinforced walls from afar using her X-Kairos launcher (basically making her into an overpowered version of default operator Ash).

Additionally, new Defender class operator Echo can remotely spy on and temporarily stun enemies using his Yokai Drone. Those who don’t own Operation Red Crow will be able to purchase Hibana and Echo using in-game currency starting on November 24th.

Along with Hibana and Echo, Operation Red Crow also comes with the new Skyscraper map which is free for all Rainbow Six: Siege players. Lastly, the DLC introduces a new type of cosmetic item—Elite Sets.

Each Elite Set includes an exclusive helmet, uniform, profile card, operator title, weapon charm, and unique victory animation for a specific operator. For Operation Red Crow, three Elite Sets are available, one apiece for the operators Thermite, Sledge, and Kapkan. More Elite Sets will be released in the near future.

A second season of DLC for Rainbow Six: Siege is also set to begin next February. The second season will come with additional operators, maps, and other features, all of which will either be free or available for in-game currency (there will be no Season Pass for the second season of content).

New operators Hibana and Echo are featured in the trailer below along with the new Skyscraper map.

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