Uncharted 4's Survival Co-op Mode Coming In December

Get ready to survive the onslaught.

The previously promised co-op survival mode for Uncharted 4 will finally arrive next month, allowing players to band together and take on waves of mercenaries and undead pirates.

Much like the co-op survival modes found in other shooter games, Uncharted 4’s survival mode will task players with making it through 50 waves of AI foes. However, unlike other survival modes, Uncharted 4’s take on co-op will be divided into ten sets of five waves.

Additionally, you can even save your progress and return to where you left off if playing solo, so there’s no pressure to tackle all 50 waves at once if you’re not feeling up to it. When playing solo, you’ll be matched up with a single AI teammate, but you can also play the mode with up to two other online players (couch co-op is sadly not supported this time around).

Players will mainly face waves of enemy mercenaries that have been divided into various classes, but after every ten waves, the game will throw out a curveball in the form of an undead pirate lord who serves as a boss wave encounter.

There will also be occasional objective waves where players have to utilize a specific modifier to complete the wave, such as only using their pistol, or killing enemies within a specific part of the map.

Lastly, players will accrue cash from enemy kills which can be used to purchase new weapons and power-ups mid-match. There will also be a meta-progression system complete with unlocks (though it isn’t clear yet if the survival mode’s progression will tie in with the competitive multiplayer component’s progression).

The survival mode update for Uncharted 4 will be free to all players and is expected to arrive sometime during the middle of December. Those who are attending the December PlayStation Experience convention on the 3rd and 4th of the month will be able to try out an early access build of the survival mode experience. You can watch a new trailer for the survival mode update below.

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Nate Hohl

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