Rumor: Will Let it Die Be Ported to the Nintendo Switch?

Why we believe Let it Die won't remain a PlayStation-exclusive for long.

It’s no secret that PlayStation called dibs on the latest game, Let it Die, from Grasshopper Manufacture (a studio founded by the infamous Suda51). Let it Die is a free-to-play experience like no other, and is only available for PlayStation owners at the moment.

However, after doing a little digging, we’ve uncovered a few important indications that suggest Let it Die won’t remain a PlayStation-exclusive title for very long. First and foremost, a list of companies partnering with the Nintendo Switch was released to the public.

Among major companies such as Activision, Bethesda, and EA, the list reveals none other than Let it Die developer Grasshopper Manufacture, and GungHo Online Entertainment—Let it Die’s publisher.

With both companies signing on to create titles for the Nintendo Switch, I was naturally compelled to ask Hideyuki Shin in my interview with him at GungHo headquarters if there were any plans to port Let it Die over to the Nintendo Switch.

The answer was not a “yes”, but the most important aspect of his response is that there was no explicit “no” either. You see, Shin replied by pointing out that Nintendo wouldn’t be too interested in a game filled with as much gore and violence as Let it Die.

However, the problem with this statement resides in the sheer number of companies on board that typically make more mature titles.

The main advertisement for the Nintendo Switch featured no children. Instead, the gamers enjoying the upcoming console consisted of nothing but young adults (including antisocial Karen). Does this mean Nintendo plans to set aside its family-friendly image for the sake of improved sales?

Nintendo suffered a major loss with the Wii U. To keep up in the competitive console market with Microsoft releasing the Xbox Scorpio and PlayStation releasing the PlayStation 4 Pro and Slim, the Switch will not only need to have a fair price point, but it will also need to offer a selection of exciting titles to garner the interest of prospective gamers.

One such game could (and should) be Let it Die. After playing the game, we’re certain it’s one of the best free-to-play titles of 2016. In the event that Let it Die doesn’t find itself ported over to the Nintendo Switch, hints that the game may wind up on PC were tossed around freely in conversation at GungHo headquarters.

While nothing is certain as of yet, it’s safe to say that with both developer and publisher expressing interest in the Nintendo Switch, we will most likely see Let it Die included amidst the game offerings once the Switch releases this upcoming March!

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