Razer Offers Huge $25,000 Reward For Information About Two Stolen Project Valeria Prototypes

Razer offers $25,000 reward for information regarding the two Project Valerie prototypes that were stolen at CES 2017.

The Champions of CES 2017, Razer, unveiled their unusual three-screened gaming laptop at the CES tech show in Las Vegas called ‘Project Valerie’.

Project Valerie is the world's first three-screened laptop that boasts three 4k screens, supported by a GTX 1080 graphics card, which is currently the best graphics card on the market today for laptops. CES 2017 was a great show for Razer, until on Sunday, January 8th, when two Project Valerie prototypes were stolen.


CEO of Razer, Min-Liang Tan, posted an in depth Facebook post on the situation and has stated that this incident is being taken “very seriously”. The seriousness of the incident is being made clear by Razer, as they're offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction for the criminal(s).

Despite the seriousness of the incident, it hasn’t stopped sceptical social media users claiming that the entire incident is a “publicity stunt”. Despite the sceptics, it is highly unlikely for this to be the case as time and time again, Razer has proven to be a trusted and holsome company.

This isn't the first time that Razer has been the victim of a theft either, according to CNET, thieves broke into Razer offices in 2011 and stole a pair of laptops, which were both prototypes of the eventual Razer Blade.

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