SkySaga: Infinite Isles Preview

An early look at SkySaga’s voxel-based sandbox MMO.

SkySaga: Infinite Isles, or simply ‘SkySaga’ for short, is a voxel-based MMO where players can embark on exciting adventures and express their creativity. This isn’t your typical Minecraft clone. With its unique blend of MMORPG elements, building mechanics, and sandbox exploration, SkySaga opens players to a world of limitless creative possibilities. The gameplay focuses primarily on crafting, building, combat, and exploration. Each of these features work in tandem with one another to create a multi-faceted gameplay experience. Players will likely have a preference for one aspect of gameplay over another, but truly digging into SkySaga will require dabbling in all of them. 

Upon creating and customizing a character, players are taken to their own personal home island based on the biome of their choosing. All the islands in SkySaga float high in the sky, hence the game title. After a brief tutorial on the basics of mining and tool production, you can begin terraforming your island as you see fit. You can build floating structures, complex mazes, and even platforming race courses. However, your home island has limited resources, so you’ll have to set off on some adventures in order to gather the raw materials needed for crafting and building. 

Each home island features a massive portal gate that will transport players to one of several multiplayer PvE realms, where resource gathering and exploration primarily take place. The portal is activated using special keystones that correlate to a specific biome type and environmental difficulty. You’ll initially have to mine the fragment blocks on your island to craft your first keystones, but more fragment types can be found within each realm so you can craft keystones to new locations. 

Before you go exploring, you'll want to fix your airship and visit the City of First Light. This is the multiplayer social hub where you can get acquainted with NPC’s, accept quests, join PvP, and meet other players. After all, this is an MMO, so mingling with other players is greatly encouraged. Friends can also visit your home island and join you on adventures by entering your portal with you. One of the coolest parts of SkySaga is seeing some of the amazing creations people have built on their islands. There are some breathtaking player creations that truly demonstrate the scope SkySaga's creative possibilities, which is where the game really shines. 

The portal realms consist of multiple environments, including jungle, forest, arctic, and desert biomes. Each biome contains specific types of enemies and resources, which also depend on the quality of the keystone used. Desert and arctic biomes have harsher climates that require you to manage your character’s body temperature in order to survive, so plan accordingly.

Each adventure involves mining deep caverns, looting skeleton-filled castles, and battling dangerous creatures. Hostile foes are scattered throughout each realm, and there's usually a difficult boss-like enemy just before the exit portal. Better resources are typically found in realms that pose more threats or challenges. You can brave the difficult realms on your own, but it’s a lot easier and more fun to explore these locations with a friend. 

Aside from raw resources, you’ll need to acquire and learn specific crafting recipes in order to create tools, armor, weapons, decorations, and pretty much anything else in SkySaga. Recipes can be found during exploration, or purchased from merchant NPC’s in the social hub. Completing quest chains can also reward you with components and recipes as well. There’s a plethora of unique décor items to discover, which can be crafted with certain resources to select for custom color layouts. 

If competitive gameplay is more your style, there is also a PvP area accessible from the social hub where players can battle one another in Death Match or Capture the Flag. You’re only as good as the weapons and tools you bring with you, so plan accordingly. We found Capture the Flag to be particularly amusing; some players will hang back to create a fortified structure around their flag, while sneakier players will be busy bridging the gap beneath the enemy island to come up and snag the flag from underground. The construction-based nature of SkySaga takes PvP combat to a whole new level!

Though PvP is a nice feature to have, SkySaga is geared more toward exploration, building, and survival. During its time in alpha, players have developed a particular etiquette for PvP. Certain actions, like eating food to heal during combat, are generally frowned upon (we learned this the hard way).  Regardless, PvP can actually be quite fun, so don’t let some obscure rules stop you from giving it a try. 

SkySaga is currently in Alpha 9 at the time of this preview, and the developers at Radiant Worlds have been steadily adding new content in response to player feedback from its ongoing alpha tests. SkySaga: Infinite Isles is free to play, so give the game a try if you want to enjoy a vast sandbox that lets you get in touch with your creative side.

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