New Hidden Weapons And Attachments Found In Modern Warfare Remastered Game Files

New additional content for Modern Warfare Remastered has been found in the game files of the game, including new weapons and attatchments. 

According to posts by /u/MrEarthBoundFan on Reddit, new additional content is on its way to Modern Warfare Remastered. Previously,  /u/MrEarthBoundFan had leaked code for the Modern Warfare Remastered Supply Drop system and the new melee weapons coming to the game, which indicates that this information is relaible.

Thanks to the game code, the user has managed to uncover a wide range of new content that could come to the game soon. 


  • KAM 12


  • akimbomwr
  • heartbeatmwr
  • holosightmwr
  • longbarrelmwr
  • reflexvarmwr
  • tacknifemwr
  • thermalmwr
  • varzoommwr
  • xmagmwr

In addition to the attachments, code also showed left and right hand animations for the Desert Eagle, M9 and USP which could further confirm the akimbo attatchment coming to Modern Warfare Remastered.

We'll keep you updated with the latest information.

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