Steep Releases Adrenaline Pack DLC

Steep’s Adrenaline Pack DLC is now Available!

Get ready to get an adrenaline rush, because Ubisoft has released new DLC, the Adrenaline DLC pack.

In this update, Ubisoft are proud to announce new glow-in-the-dark wingsuits, which are perfect for lighting up the course are your soar threw the skies.

Ubisoft stated in their DLC announcement that "Glow-in-the-dark wingsuits dropped into Steep today with the release of the Adrenaline Pack DLC. Three glowing costumes and two glowing wingsuits, to be specific, so riders and fliers can light up the night in the three new night challenges that are also included. There is some flashy kit for the sunlit hours as well, including two new boards (the Red Freeride and the Freestyle Sunny Deer), two new outfits (the Woodcutter and the Crystalline), and a new classic white wingsuit."

The Adrenaline Pack DLC is available for purchase and can also be bought with the Gold Edition and season pass.

For a full look at what’s to come in this update, you can watch the trailer here.

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